About Us

Splendid Nutrition is dedicated to improving health, wellbeing, and performance so you can go where your dreams are taking you.

We believe food is the best medicine, and this idea guides the selection behind our functional foods. We use evidence-based ingredients where the science aligns with desired outcomes.

We are committed to clean formulations, free of artificial flavors and colors, GMO ingredients, sugars and artificial sweeteners. Our products are produced in accordance with CGMP quality standards in the United States.

For dreamers
and doers

Our story starts with your journey.
There’s no substitute for hard work
and determination, but whether
you’re building technology, navigating
markets, or earning a degree, we
want to give you a healthy advantage.


Your process starts at square one,
whether it’s a blank page, a
canvas or a block of clay. But what
happens when the muse isn’t singing?
Our goal is to help you get flowing
again, so you can do your best work.


Years of dedication go into building
speed, strength, and agility, and a
strong mind-body connection is the
foundation of great athletic performance.
Our products are designed to keep your
head in the game, so you can excel
at the things you love.

What's your mission?

Functional foods for a modern world


Find your focus

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    For the Weekend Warrior

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    For the Power Couple

    32 Servings

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    For the Family Business

    48 Servings

    $1.78 / Serving

    $89.76 $85.27

    $89.76 $85.27
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    $1.48 / serving)
    $89.76 $85.27
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